Health +Wellness Coaching


6 months of health & support

What's Included

As your Intuitive Wellness coach, I help you take strides in becoming the best version of yourself - spiritually, mentally and physically.  I will guide you through the process of creating a vision for your life, health, and overall wellbeing. 

This program is designed especially for those who are ready to be the creator of their own life and are ready to take their healing to another level.

During the 6-month program you can expect to:​

  • Develop a deeper relationship with yourself while on your path to healing.   

  • Create a holistic practice to help manage stress and anxiety

  • Break down mental and emotional blocks to living your best life

  • Start developing healthier lifestyle habits and food choices.

  • Re-establishing yourself as a masterful creator of your health, wealth, and dreams

  • Receive support in managing sugar addiction and emotional eating.


  • private coaching sessions (1hr)

  • Weekly email support 

  • Meal plans, recipes, and workshops

  • Discounts on private Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation sessions. 

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