Journey Into The Womb, is a six-week coaching container that gives you the space and tools to connect with the power of your womb through Ayurvedic Medicine and Tantric practices.


6 Week Journey Outline


Week 1 - History of Womb Healing

  • Learn what is womb healing and it’s history

  • What is the Divine Feminine Energy?

Week 2 - Yoni Nutrition

  • Learn what is Ayurveda and womb wellness

  • Herbs and diet based on your unique elemental makeup (Ayurvedic Dosha)

Week 3 - The Menstrual Cycle

  • Learn the different phases of your cycle

  • Eating and exercises for each phase of your cycle

  • Fertility awareness

Week 4 - Womb Healing Practices

  • Learn how to use a yoni egg

  • Intro to Yoni Steaming

  • Pelvic Floor strengthening and exercise

Week 5 - Sacred Sexuality & Tantra

  • Learn what is Sacred Sexuality

  • Sacred Sexuality vs. Tantra

  • Clearing past sexual partners & ancestral trauma

Week 6 - Ceremony & Clearing

  • Womb Yoga practice, energy clearing/healing and cacao (or drink of preference) ceremony.

What’s included:

🌹 6 live group coaching calls via zoom

🌹 Take home exercises and womb healing practices

🌹 Intuitive wellness and nutrition consulting

🌹 Take home recipes and diet recommendations

🌹 Womb energy clearing and group ceremony

Investment options 

$427 - full payment

3 payments of $119 (100 deposit, non refundable) 


To schedule a payment plan, please contact directly

Journey Into The Womb - 6 week coaching