The Initiation of a healer

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Before a shaman is accepted by their community, the shaman must first undergo a ritualized initiation process. The first step of the initiation process is the destruction of the self or the ego. But to be born again, a person must first die. The Fire Element serves this because it is a symbol of ritual purification and death. Through fire, an initiate will discard their former identity, letting go of old belief systems and old ways of thinking. ⁣ Every healer goes through an initiation process that prepares them for the mission to help heal others along their path.

As my fellow coach would best describe this, we are literally walking through the fire. This initiation process for many is painful but is all part of the divine plan. Without the initiation, one can not be the healer they are meant to be for they will always be living a false self. The destruction of this false self is the most painful part of the initiation because some of us don’t know life without pain. Through many years one can get accustomed to this way where it becomes our identity. By rising above the pain through releasing and forgiving of the self, we then can be a conduit for others. This is because we are then healing others from this new profound place and not in the midst of our pain. We can look at pain as an initiation, something we signed up for. Volunteering for this journey has its many blessings one can see once we walk through the fire.⁣ There is no finish line to healing and after this step, we're are still continuously evolving. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣

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