Integrating The Pain Body And What It Can Teach Us

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Whenever we experience trauma, when this trauma is not acknowledged, it lives within the emotional body.

The trauma we experience in our lives connected to abandonment, abuse, and fear will reside within our pain body. The past emotions reside within the mind and body and become activated through what we would consider a trigger.

Our triggers serve as a reflection of a wound that has not yet been integrated by us.

You can view the pain body similarly to a virus that is dormant most of the time. Whenever this part of us is triggered, it craves more pain to add on to the already existing pain, and the cycle continues.

Having an addiction to emotional pain is typical when you have a heavy pain-body. One example of addiction to pain is having a history of loving unavailable people or staying in intolerable relationships that only bring out intense and unhealthy emotions.

This cycle is a constant reactivation of the pain body and indulgence in negative feelings such as anger, worry, grief, fear, or depression.

The emotional pain for some goes far beyond the pain that is considered natural for seemingly unimportant situations. What one person may choose typically shrug off or not even notice becomes the cause of intense unhappiness for another. This reaction to life situations is one sure sign of a heavy pain-body.

Throughout the years, the pain-body continues to grow. The person becomes identified with their pain as a result of this, he or she may be feeling intense anguish, depression, or anger.

The saying hurt people hurt people is very much the case of the pain-body. People can feel so much pain inside that they develop the need to continuously feed off the pain of others, consciously or not.

In a way, the pain-body can be a catalyst on our spiritual journey. Energy, in essence, cannot be destroyed but only can change form - the process of transmutation. You are not changing the state of energy entirety, but changing the form by the increase or decrease of vibrational energy to embody a neutralized state.

When you’re experiencing being in the present, the energy once trapped in the pain-body then changes its vibrational frequency and is transmuted into Presence or of Being. The pain-body itself then becomes a motivator and fuel for consciousness.

The key to practicing transmutation is understanding where the root of the emotion and thought is.

Choosing to “sit” with the emotional pain body, acknowledging the emotions, only helps us move the energy that is needed to transmute.

When doing shadow work, we don’t ignore or bypass our emotions when negative. All emotions that we have are not positive or negative but only on a different point of the overall spectrum. Emotions help us recognize our Truth, what we are feeling on a subconscious level. In return, identifying these emotions brings us to the root cause of our pain, eventually anchoring us back to our equilibrium.

Many of those we consider to be the wisest, most enlightened people in our time once had a heavy pain-body. The heavier the pain-body is, the more energy is needed to transmute back to the state of Being. Rather than one becoming more identified with this aspect of themselves, this part of consciousness has become more awakened.

⁣⁣The healing practices we engage, cannot solve our problems but do catalyze to help us get to the root of them. ⁣⁣


All this work ultimately brings us to now. We become the observer of the observer, learning to identify our triggers and pain. We no longer allow the pain body to feed off our thoughts and emotions.

We feel a need to escape our body often because of the disturbances of the pain-body

To ascend to a higher state of consciousness, we first need to be grounded in our bodies for the process of integration. To view the physical body as separate is having a misconception of the purpose of the body. The body is the soul manifested within this physical dimension. What we would view as a weight or dense energy is the pain body.

The pain in our body creates the urge to numb ourselves (drugs, alcohol, sex, thinking, etc.) as we begin to block ourselves off from what we are feeling in our body altogether. Although we do this to escape pain, our body is still needed to let us know what is going on energetically and play a role in stepping into our power and claiming our inner voice. ⁣ ⁣

The process of embodiment and coming back into our body can be very uncomfortable, depending on the varying degrees of pain we are dealing with and for how long stored.

Letting go of past pain and trauma requires us to be conscious of it and make a choice to change and let go of the distractions we use to numb our pain.

It is also why shadow and inner child work can be painful because you are ultimately breaking away from your addictions and old beliefs.

One may ask if this is painful, what is the benefit of doing the healing work? Well, after this uncomfortable stage, you begin to reclaim your power back and align with your true self, not the person in pain. You begin to live life consciously and not in survivor mode mentality. It is similar to waking up from a coma because you realized you have been surviving and not living.

But this is a choice and is the first step in your healing process. It is affirming that only you are the creator of your life.

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