How Feelings Of Loneliness Can Lead To Spiritual Growth

Whenever a wave of loneliness comes on, it’s common to feel aches and pain in the body. ⁣ These emotions can be intense, causing us to feel a strong disconnect with ourselves.⁣ This feeling of emptiness often arises when we are going through a separation or our expectations weren’t met. ⁣

Though it’s totally valid to experience feelings of lonliness when these situations do occur — if we don't bring our attention back to ourselves, it can lead to looking on the outside in hopes of finding that one special person or thing to numb our pain. This constant search can keep us in an emotional loop, where we are always trying to escape our body. We belong at home — us, our temple. The soul resides in our temporary living space and isn’t meant to be vacant. ⁣ The more we find deep fulfillment from within, no longer does your soul and body call out for you. ⁣ ⁣ On a spiritual level, loneliness is a platform for growth and can be our catalyst for profound transformation and healing. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣By learning to deal with feelings of loneliness, we can engage in true connection and the feeling of separation lessens. ⁣We begin to see past the illusion of separation by reconnecting with ourselves.⁣

Listen to your body and your feelings.

Exploring our emotions and sensations in the body can help us move energy and identify pain. Whenever we don’t release pain, it becomes stored in our body. Though we may know consciously that we are no longer living out the trauma, our body does not. Engaging in mindful practices such as body scanning, journaling and learning to identify emotions can help us get to the root of our pain in order to transmute it.

Realize you are not alone.

When we've struggled in the past and our pain hasn’t been validated, it can create this mindset that we are meant to go through the hard times alone. We may start to feel that no one understands us which can also lead to self isolation. The truth is, there will always be someone in this world that will be able to understand us and emphasize with our pain. We just have to be open to receive it.

Acknowledge your feelings of loneliness.

We have been conditioned that embracing negative emotions such as anger and sadness are “bad”. This idea can create shame, leading us to shove down our true emotions. Though we are not our thoughts, our feelings are always valid. The process of healing happens when we create space for the pain to move through. By choosing to embody our emotions, we are able to understand them more fully.

Rewrite your story.

If you are unable to escape loneliness, try choosing to see this time as an opportunity for solitude and inner reflection. Try picking up a new hobby or interest that could turn into a passionate activity or newfound skill you didn’t know you had. With the busyness of everyday life, we don’t always have the time to ask ourselves what we truly want or need. Having this time to dive deep into self discovery, we have a chance to get to know oursleves in a much more intimate way.

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