Emotional Pain Body : the importance of grounding. 

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

When we feel the need to always escape our bodies in order to feel more alive, it's often due to disturbances present in our bodies. In order for us to ascend to a higher state of conscious, we also need our bodies. To view the physical body as a negative weight is having a misconception of what the body is for. The body is the soul manifested within this physical dimension. What we would view as a weight or dense energy is the emotional pain body (EPB) When we are healing, though we may consciously know we are no longer living out the experience, our emotional pain body still has the trauma actively stored. What we would refer to as the light body is when we have made the EPB dormant. In this stage it is "sleeping" and whenever triggered it has woken up again. When our EPB is active, we will crave more pain. We find ourselves feeding off the drama and stress. We unconsciously try to pick fights with those close to us and though we may not want to argue, we feel the need to always fight to prove a point. If you have ever found yourself switch in a heat of an argument when you have been deeply triggered, this is your emotional pain body. I once got to see another person's pain body. What was shown to me was completely different from what I was seeing in their physical form - hunched over, depressed and in much pain. This very much describes what an emotional pain body would like if you have experienced trauma. For many years I've battled with dissociation due to sexual trauma and often would feel very uncomfortable being in my body. Whenever I would "sit" in my pain (emotional pain body) I would feel like I was flaring up and quickly wanted to escape. I constantly found myself wanting to shoot out of my body and would try to attempt this through astral protection. As I started to heal this part of myself, I found certain healing practices helpful (yoga, diet, movement) Instead of trying to escape, I began to focus on grounding. Through in the beginning it was very painful and uncomfortable, after seeing it through I found myself feeling more "light". It's also important to understand that the healing practices we use don't solve our problems but do serve as a catalyst to help us get to the root of it. All this work ultimately bring us to the NOW. We become the watcher, observing our triggers and pain. This is how we no longer allow our pain body to feed on our thoughts, knowing it is past energy being triggered within us.

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