Cosmic Egg - Alchemy & Symbolism

The Orphic Egg is a metaphor of re-birth, creativity, chaos and potentiality⁣.

An ancient mythical symbol, the orphic egg is often interpreted as the golden fetus or embryo that floats in the dark void of nothingness.⁣

Creation has been described as existence - "Sat" and is born out of nothingness, non- existence - "Asat". ⁣

A verse in the Rig Veda describes "In the beginning, there was neither nought nor aught Then there was neither sky nor atmosphere above. What then enshrouded all this universe? In the receptacle of what was it contained? Then there was neither death nor immortality, Then there was neither day, nor night, nor light, nor darkness. Only the Existent One breathed calmly, self-contained ."

The Egg is the first differentiation that followed chaos which contains the dualities of the feminine and masculine, egg and sperm. ⁣

This duality serves as a reflection of the universe found in nature and the stories of mythology, the duality of chaos and order, good and evil, light and dark, love and hate.⁣ Also representing the soul of the philosopher, the egg is encircled by the creative spirit of the universe and it's mysteries - the serpent.

When initiation occurs, the shell is ready the be hatched and one emerges from the embryonic state , rising of the Phoenix.

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