7 Chakras and How to Detox Your Body

The chakra system is a collection of energy points within the human body.   The word chakra originates from Sanskrit word meaning "wheel".   Though there are known to be 114 total chakras in the body, the seven chakras are considered to be our key energy points.  By balancing your chakras you can become one with your body, increasing your overall health.  The seven chakras are:

1. Root Chakra-Muladhara

Location: Base of the spine, tailbone

Color: Red

Imbalances:  Constipation, problems in legs, feet, immune system, knee pain, and eating disorders.  Anxiety disorder, fears, nightmares, spaciness, "out of touch" with reality.  

Purpose: To feel rooted, secure, 

2. Sacral Chakra-Svadhishana

Location:  Between base of the spine and navel

Color: Orange

Imbalances: Compulsive thinking, decreased sex drive, lack of creativity, depression, addiction, gluttony, hormone imbalances

Purpose: Finding balance in life's enjoyments such as sex, food, and creativity without "overdoing it"  Nourishing the soul and body in a positive way.  Connecting to your creative side and self-expression.

3. Solar Plexus - Manipura 

Location- gut, starting from belly button up to breastbone

Color: Yellow

Imbalances: insecurity, quick to anger, lack of compassion and empathy, indecisiveness, lack of direction in life.  

Purpose: Feeling a sense of purpose, confident, decisiveness, personal power. 

4. Heart-Anahata

Location: chest

Color: Green

Imbalances: Lack of personal boundaries-putting others needs before your own, palpitations, fast heart rate, interpersonal relationship issues, feeling out of touch with your body, resistance towards a personal relationship.

Purpose: self-love, treating others the way you would like to be treated, less judgment towards others, equal love for all

5. Throat-Vishuddha

Location: throat

Color: Blue

Imbalances: Feeling of being ignored or invalidated causing one to speak in a much louder voice, difficulty in expressing your thoughts or true emotions, throat pain, cavities, mouth ulcers. 

Purpose: Being able to speak clearly of your truth, with love and kindness.  Knowing when it is necessary to speak out and when to be silent-“Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?”-Buddha

6. Third Eye-Ajna

Location: In between the brow

Color: Indigo

Imbalances: Disconnection from the spiritual world, problems with sinuses and allergies. 

Purpose: Balance in both the physical and spiritual world, heightened intuition from all 5 senses (without being overwhelming),  decalcified pineal gland.

7. Crown-Sahasrara

Location:  top of head

Color: Violet, White

Imbalances:   To have an inactive chakra means only to be human.  Obtaining an open crown chakra is an achievement and can be opened by focusing on the six other chakras as well as through meditation.  

Purpose: Overall consciousness, achieving nirvana, connection with the spirit world.

So how do the chakras relate to our diet?

Foods such as processed meats (bacon, ham, and sausage), heavy meats, white flour, and processed sugar all have little to no vibrational frequency.  Eating these foods lowers our vibrational frequency due to the fact that they are filled with chemicals and processed ingredients, intoxicating our body.  Eating a plant-based diet filled with more alkaline foods contributes to unblocking these energy points since they are purely made from the earth and don't contain any unnatural ingredients. 

Each chakra is referenced to a certain color-aura.  By eating foods associated with each chakra, for example, eating red foods to help open your Root chakra, is a great way to start the detox process.   

Once we balance the seven chakras by eating what's good for our body, we will start to see an improvement in our overall health.

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